ProxyIT puts decades of focused technology experience on tap, integrating with your operation so that you can focus on growing your core business.

About Us

The ProxyIT working infrastructure includes dedicated and virtual resource offerings sited in top tier co-location sites around the country. Our vendors and partners give us access to premium products and services which we pass on to our Clients, sharing advanced benefits from the best technical service providers in the country. ProxyIT was founded in 2003 and is staffed by experienced Engineers that specialize in IT Operations.

IT Ops Defined

IT Operations is the philosophical core of the company; it means that we focus on the stability, and operational availability, of production Web Sites, Engineering Support Systems, and systems comprising Corporate infrastructures. "IT Ops" requires the skills of traditional Systems Administration, Network Administration, and Data Base Administration. While these are typical of most IT Support organizations, we add to them the experience of having managed Operational infrastructures which generate tens of millions of dollars in revenue, and host extremely high traffic Web Sites.